The ice that forms on edges of roofs is caused by heat loss coming from the attic. The heat meets the cold air in the sub roof, which causes condensation and then freezes when it encounters sub-zero temperatures. To avoid this, it is important that your sub roof always be well insulated.

The curling phenomena can be explained by bad or weak circulation of air in your sub roof, especially in areas over exposed by the sun. The humidity accumulates without any adequate venting, causing your shingles to curl up.

All membranes are good if installed properly, but the TPO’s lifespan is longer under the same circumstances than any other type of membrane and maintenance is minimal. Furthermore, with the joints properly welded, the membranes can contain water indefinitely compared to other membranes that tend to deteriorate when over exposed to accumulated water.

Choosing a contractor can be a difficult process, but it is recommended that,at a minimal, the following should be considered. Does the contractor have:

  1. a proper license with the Regie du batiment du Quebec (RBQ);
  2. liability insurance;
  3. several testimonials from previous clients, which can provide you a good idea of the type of service you are purchasing;
  4. a license with the Office de la Protection du Consommateur (OPC), which will allow you to verify whether the contractor has a good record; and
  5. a long-term warranty on the installation of your roof system.

At Senic Roofing, we guarantee providing all of the above.

Besides the architectural look, laminated shingles are more resistant against wind gushes and offer better protection against water infiltration. Laminated shingles are also thicker and have more armature than your usual shingle sheets, allowing them to last longer.